College essay tips for successful admission

What can be more important for a high school senior then writing a successful application essay? Seniors are afraid of even the simplest fact that someone will read what they wrote and, moreover, evaluate it. But universities and colleges do not really care about those fears. Moreover, as for the purpose, various education establishments choose completely different and unpredictable topics for these essays. Sometimes the topics sound so strange that one would never even think about reflecting about this, without even telling that writing on this topic sounds much worse. And sometimes you just cannot understand what you can or cannot write. Probably seniors think why members of the admission commission don’t give college essay tips together with such difficult tasks. Then they would at least understand what is acceptable and what is not.

10 best college essay tips

We did our best to compose a short list of 10 college essay tips, which in our opinion, could ease at least a little bit life of a young school senior and make it more feasible to write a good application work. So read the tips below.

  1. Make your essay tight. It is usually suggested that application essay should be minimum 250 words, but no upper limit is given. Anyway, it doesn’t mean that 800 words would be fine. Remember that members of admission commission look through dozens of essays every day and they don’t expect to spend more than several minutes for each of them. Don’t try their patience. Make your essay close to the point and then it will hardly exceed 500 words.
  2. Write a true story. You shouldn’t exaggerate your achievements, as well as you shouldn’t underestimate them too. Just tell the true. Otherwise, it may turn against you.
  3. Show your personality. Members of the commission understand that you are not a superstar and your life doesn’t differ much from other applicants’ one but still it is special because you are individual and you have your own way of thinking and acting. It is hard to explain it in words, but you should try.
  4. Express your ideas coherently. Don’t write too much, keep to the main topic and express only relevant ideas. Let them all flow from one to another coherently, without fallbacks.
  5. Make your essay engaging. Try to make your story more alive, add details, maybe even characters with their names. Let the reader feel that you are doing your best to make the story interesting.
  6. Try to show yourself as a sociable person with whom people would be glad to spend time. Colleges and universities are communities and willing or not you should better show yourself as the one who will happily communicate with people around.
  7. Be careful with humor. It’s better not to use it if it’s not necessary. You never know who will be your reader and whether he or she can understand your joke.
  8. Discuss important things. Don’t be afraid to write about politics or religion. Young people who are able to think things over and discuss ideas are welcome in admission commissions. Just don’t express your point of view as final and the only one possible. As we said above, you never know what your reader thinks about it.
  9. Put emphasize on your intellectual personality side. Sports and hobbies are good but not primarily important.
  10. Check your essay. It goes without saying, but still watch your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Mistakes will hardly be appreciated in submission essay.

We really hope that young people will find the way how to use these college essay tips to write a good writing paper. But if you feel that you cannot manage by yourself, then check our services on